not serious wine chats


we like wine.

some of the most magical things in life are shrouded in mystery - love, the stars, your dog's thoughts. we don't think wine should be one of these mysteries, but it often is - a fascinating yet confusing topic discussed only amongst those who make wine, sell wine, or write about wine.

what about those of us who just drink it? 

we're opening up the conversation. we host chats to discuss topics related to the wine world, in a way that's entertaining, informative and approachable. we invite folks from the wine industry to join us and share their insights, while we sit back, sip wine and throw the odd curveball at the panel for some laughs. 

and that's what we're about. 
no big words, no agendas. just good old fashioned not serious wine chat.

(with actual wine too, naturally.)  

join us.


a bit about us.

we created not serious wine chats as a way to facilitate some meaningful wine chat between all the people who want to talk about it. it can be tough learning about wine if you’re not related to the industry - but we all like to drink the stuff, right? so we’re opening the conversation up to anyone who may be interested, regardless of how much you know.
even the pros were rookies at some point. 

with the help of some dynamic speakers we’ll discuss real and relevant topics related to wine, but in a way that’s pretty light-hearted. and you're welcome to join us. you’ll learn some things, and have your questions answered, but we can promise there’ll be no jargon, no egos, no agendas. just good old fashioned not serious wine chat.

because wine isn’t serious, it’s just grape juice in a glass, and the stories it has to tell are for everyone.

who are we? we are Tom and Penny, and we are currently carrying the torch for this excellent idea.
We have had an amazing amount of support from our friends Hayden and Dom (the mastermind!);
Paul and Adam from Blackhearts & Sparrows; and Laura and Renee from our home away from home - Paradise Alley

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