volume 5. what's 'cool' in wine these days?

for our last chat of the year we made the most of the start of summer and hosted a fantastic panel at paradise alley in collingwood. we wanted to know 'what's cool in wine?', what's changing and is it all good?

on the panel:
dan sims - our moderator and host. founder of revel (formerly known as bottleshop concepts) an organisation responsible for incredible international events like pinot palooza and game of rhones. dan's a strong advocate for making wine less serious and more accessible, so he was just the guy for this chat
gary mills - winemaker at jamsheed wines gary is now considered a titan in the australian wine scene, producing some of the most exciting single vineyard syrahs and aromatic whites we've had the pleasure of drinking.
brodie comer - after selling wine table-side at some of melbourne's swishest restaurants, brodie dipped her toe into wine marketing and events for new zealand winegrowers before moving full time into distribution, now at havelock wines.
gabrielle poy -  bringing of knowledge through wset at city wine shop, gabrielle really has a way with wine words. a professional sommelier, wine buyer and full time educator, gabrielle has all ten fingers on the pulse when it comes to the wine world.

what's changed since our panelists were first starting out and now? we talked about that 'changing of the guard', not just for the makers and sellers that drive the wine industry but also the people out there drinking the stuff. we looked forward and talked about what we're going to be drinking in five years and what challenges are we going to face as wine lovers. 

but do we truly appreciate what we’re drinking and how it was made, or are we all just in a race to find the new new? (and then instagram it?)

have a listen, if there's anything you want to add or any questions you might have, hit the link in the title of this post and leave us a comment.

disclaimer! the views and opinions expressed in this chat are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the official position of not serious wine chats.

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