volume 2. the price of plonk - why wine costs what it does

last saturday we were lucky enough to put on a chat at the forum theatre. the forum! we were really thrilled to be able to give some great speakers the chance to speak at a venue of this scale, and a huge thanks to everyone that came and joined us. 

on the panel: adam cotterell, wine guru and retailer at blackhearts and sparrows; laura twomey, owner of paradise alley; david reist, marketing genuis at clonakilla wines; dom valentine, winemaker and scott wasley, importer and distributor at the spanish acquisition.

here's what we talked about:

what's the real difference between a cheap and expensive wine? what's important about the way we serve wine? do winemaker's care about how much their wines are being sold for in restaurants? what happens when you by wine by the case? is someone being exploited? how do you make really cheap wine? 

we touched on some interesting topics, and there's so much to say about the price of plonk that we couldn't fit it all in to one hour, so hit the link in the blog title to leave any questions or comments. 

disclaimer! the views and opinions expressed in this chat are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the official position of not serious wine chats.

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