volume 9. the negroni edition - what's happening in australian spirits?

Sometimes we drink things other than wine. Usually right before, or right after wine. So we want to chat about these other delicious things, and there’s no better place to start than Melbourne’s Official Cocktail Of Cool: The Negroni.

There's a lot going on in the Australian spirits world that we don't often talk about (maybe we're too busy banging on about wine...?). But there's a whole bunch of very involved, really great, really smart people that spend A LOT of time talking about Australian spirits, cocktails, and bars. So we wrangled a few of them to come and share the knowledge (and drinks) with us on August 13th.

the panel:

Andrew Marks - owner and distiller at Melbourne Gin Company, winemaker at Gembrook Hill and his own label the Wanderer in the Yarra Valley. MGC was one of the first out of the ranks, and now graces the shelves of not just Melbourne bars but beyond.

Matt Stirling - former bar manager at The Black Pearl, currently working on a new project called Fancy Free. Matt knows better than most anyone what the punters really want when it comes to choice of spirits.

Kate Hoskin - former bartender and current sales representative for Southtrade, who are responsible for the sales of huge list of brands, including Starward Whisky, Mr Black and Adelaide Hills Distillery. 

Seb Costello - owner and operator of Bad Frankie in Fitzroy, where since opening in 2014 the shelves have been stocked with only Australian spirits. This guy really knows his shit!

so what did we talk about?

What’s the state of Australian spirits right now? There's so many new brands…let’s break it down. Who’s make what, and why, and how, and where. 
How many gins is too many gins? Is there even such a thing as too many?
Why buy whisky from Tasmania when Scotch is so damn good? Who knew you could make a negroni without Campari?!
Apart from locality, what are new wave distillers offering that’s worth the price? What’s the future looking like for these guys? Is there serious longevity there?

have a listen, if there's anything you want to add or any questions you might have, leave us a comment.

disclaimer! the views and opinions expressed in this chat are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the official position of not serious wine chats.

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