volume 6. all things natural - part II

when we kicked of in june of last year, we stared by talking about 'what is natural wine anyway?'. we certainly covered a lot of ground - we talked about minimal intervention winemaking, organic and biodynamic farming, and we decided that natural wine doesn't have to be any particular colour or variety, or from any particular place, and we established that natural wine isn't new, it's actually really really old. 

but after all that, it was clear that there was still heaps to talk about, and that everybody still had a lot of questions. so we decided to start nswc 2018 with a bang, and try to answer some of those questions. 

on the panel:
robby nethercote - part-time tv-presenter, part-time wine slinger at the lincoln and planner and host of someday sessions, a damn fine time that we highly recommend getting yourself to.
aidan raftery - london born hospitality die-hard who you may know from his time at melbourne institutions such as the press club and maha, and more recently as the owner and proprietor of much beloved persiallade. these days you can find him talking wine about town for vinous.
ryan larkin - wine lover turned importer, his business larkin imports focuses solely on minimal intervention wines, so was a natural (ha!) choice to be on this particular panel.
caroline mooney - winemaker at bird on a wire, born and bred in the yarra valley learning her trade at yering station under tom carson. now with her own label, caroline is also a member of the yarra valley wine growers association.

what we talked about:
what does minimal intervention actually look like? how important are semantics when it comes to all this terminology? we wanted to know if regulation/certification and labelling was important, and if there needs to be rules in place for this kind of thing. what about this vegan wine talk that keeps coming up? why do people care so much about all this, it really seems to get people's blood boiling - why? oh, and let's not forget about.... s u l p h u r.......

we tried to keep it as not serious as possible but things got a bit bloody heated! 

have a listen, if there's anything you want to add or any questions you might have, hit the link in the title of this post and leave us a comment.

disclaimer! the views and opinions expressed in this chat are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the official position of not serious wine chats.

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