we like wine.  


some of the most magic things in life are shrouded in mystery - love, the stars, your dog's thoughts. we don't think wine should be one of these mysteries, but it often is - a fascinating but confusing topic discussed only amongst those who make it, sell it, or write about it.

what about those of us who just drink it? 

in partnership with blackhearts & sparrows, we're opening up the conversation.
we host monthly chats, to discuss topics related to the wine world, in a way that's entertaining, informative and approachable. we invite folks from the wine industry to join us and share their insights, while we sit back, sip wine and throw the odd curveball at the panel for some laughs. 

and that's what we're about. 
no big words, no agendas. just good old fashioned not serious wine chat.

(with actual wine too, naturally.)  

join us.


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