- our changing terroir - 
what's climate change doing to wine?

6.00pm | april 16 | paradise alley

it’s not news that our climate is changing. we want to know what this means for wine! grapes are not easy to grow. they’re fickle and demanding and need a specific and cohesive set of environmental factors to grow well and make delicious wine. so what do we do when increasingly extreme weather events threaten that?

february 7th 2009 – hottest day ever recorded in melbourne – triggers the black saturday bushfires, that were so massively detrimental to winegrowers across victoria. april 2016 – the worst frost in decades, sweeps across burgundy severely effecting yields right throughout the region. the main farmer’s union in europe reports 2017 as the lowest harvest since ww2. is there really a ‘global shortage of wine’?!

what are winemakers doing to protect against these ever changing conditions? Is it all bad? surely there have been some positive effects from a warmer growing season. should we be worried or excited that champagne producers are planting vines in the south of england?

we also think this is a pretty good time to talk about “the t-word”. so we’ll be asking – what even is terroir and why the heck are people still talking about it? especially with the changes we keep seeing, does this concept of ‘a sense of place’ still have relevance?

there’s a lot to talk about! so with the help of some very clever speakers (announced soon!), we're opening up the conversation to anyone who wants to be part of it.

there'll be wine (of course) and good food (naturally) and some very good banter as well.

join us as paradise alley from 6pm on monday april 16th

we’ll be keeping it not serious. promise.


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