not serious wine chats

autumn harvest festival - southside vintage

Saturday May 4th
Prahan Market

For our next event we have teamed up with our mates at Blackhearts & Sparrows to host a very special chat with help from the legends at Prahan Market as part of their Autumn Harvest Festival.

We’re rounding up a couple of top notch winemakers (and a very special BH&S head honcho…) and talking all things vintage. Which is perfect because most of the winemaking community will have safely tucked away the ferments from the 2019 harvest not long before this chat!

This is a FREE event, but registration will put you in the draw for a some very excellent prizes that we will be giving away at the end of the chat - most importantly, one for the best question from the audience!*

Blackhearts & Sparrows will have wine by the glass available, and Prahan Market Traders will offering delicious snacks as well. Not to mention a bonus tasting with our speakers too.

Wine is very much a seasonal product right? but we want to drink it all the time! How much can vintage really effect wine, and how does it change what ends up in our glass? If we sell wine, how do we navigate a product that is ever changing, and not only from year to year but throughout the year as it ages? And what can you do as a drinker to somehow make the right choices when there are just so many variables?

It is a h u g e topic that we have always touched on but are excited to finally get stuck into.

Come and have a glass, a snack and ask all the questions you have ever wanted to ask.

join us.


*prizes will only be available for those who register before the event