ryan larkin

a name that is synonymous with the natural wine scene here in melbourne. mr ryan larkin turned his obsession with natural wine scene into a full time job, sourcing and importing it here to oz, so who better to share some insights into the stuff right? he'll be bringing along some bottles for us to pour on the night as too so get thirsty. 


robby nethercote

robby is a long time hospitality professional (and she's on the tv!). known and loved around this city with loads of experience slinging the good juice to punters like us. nowadays she does it at the lincoln in carlton, and at her pop up - someday sessions. we can't wait to hear her pearls of wisdom on all vins naturale.


aidan raftery

if you've ever been served wine by aidan you may have been just a tad intimidated by just how much this guys knows about wine - until he starts telling you the story and then you realise, whoa, he makes wine sound fun and easy and cool and yes i'll have another bottle thanks so much! sommelier, restaurateur and now professional wine slinger at vinous, really knows some bloody good wine chat.


caroline mooney

caroline grew up in the yarra valley. she knows it, she loves it, she champions it. caroline has learnt to make wine in mclaren vale, and then hermitage in france's rhone valley, and back home in the yarra at yering station under the infamous tom carson. she worked her way up to head winemaker at yering station and said hey, i wanna do my own thing. we'll have a taste of that on the night with a splash of caroline's own bird on a wire wines.