bronwyn kabboord, the sommelier

there are few somms in town with the credentials of bronwyn kabboord. without the cliché suit/tie/pin combo, you might not suspect that this effervescent hospo personality is an australian wine list of the year hall of famer. yep -  that's what happens when you open a restaurant and win best small list (50 wines) in 2014, 2015 and 2016, beating out every other small list in the country, three years in a row. not to mention winning the age good food guide: best small list in 2012, just a few short months after opening. there's no doubt, bron's palette has a master's degree in flavour. it doesn't hurt that she's also a trained chef, so when it comes to food and wine, this lady knows what she's talking about. we're pumped to have bron on the panel! 


lisa jenkins, the winemaker & wine rep

a qualified chef, lisa made the move to front of house early in her career, where she bossed the floor as manager of city wine shop for nearly 8 years. then in 2008, lisa was selected by sommeliers australia to take part in the inaugural somms australia benchmark wine tasting course. skip to 2010 and lisa aced the court of master sommeliers programme, coming 2nd in victoria with her results. most of us may stop there, but not lisa. 2011 saw lisa become a len evans scholar, and join the australia judging circuit. then in 2016 she thought YOLO and took up the role of sales manager for mac forbes wine. and with *all* that extra time on her hands (lol), lisa and her hubby justin began making some incredible wine under the label fleet, based in south gippsland. lisa's coming at this month's chat from all angles - the role of a sommelier, as she is one, plus the role of the sommelier as it ties in with a winemaker, wine rep and chef (she's all of these things as well). woo! 


campbell burton, the distributor

you may recognise cam from events like soulfor wine, cooldown summer series and the highway 1 street party. he's a fixture on the wine scene, having spent the last 10+ years immersed in the world of wine. after completing vintages in places like new zealand and spain, cam moved to melbourne in 2007 where he started slinging wine at the city wine shop. by 2011, with vintages at mac forbes and cecile tremblay under his belt, cam had developed a deep passion for natural wine. his next post was as wine buyer for the builders arms and moon under water, where according to cam, he became fascinated with matching wine programs after a visit to le chateaubriand in 2012. but the turning point for cam came when he completed vintage at les cailloux paradis, and in 2015 he founded campbell burton wines, focussing solely on sourcing and selling organically grown, totally additive free wines. and that's where you'll find cam these days - passionately sharing his knowledge and love of wine with anyone who may be interested. plus, he's a joy to talk with, which makes him bloody perfect for this next chat. 


dave moyle, the chef

somms work closely with chefs, so it made sense to get a wine-focussed chef on the panel to offer some sharp insight from a chef's perspective. dave was an obvious choice (his was the first name out of the mouths of those we asked for suggestions). not only is dave an incredibly accomplished chef (google his restaurant franklin in hobart, or his new project longsong in melbourne if you don't believe us), but he's a natural collaborator, and he's a chef in tune with the entire hospo offering - this guys knows what's going on in the farms, with his suppliers and his producers, all the way to how his food works with the wine list, and how the wine list talks to his menu. he's a clever chef with a stellar palette, and he knows his way around a wine list. to say we're stoked to have dave on the panel is just a bit of an understatement.